English lessons through Skype for 10 Euros per hour


Upgrade your English skills towards international standards. For business professionals, interns, teachers, grad students.
I am an online English Teacher, trainer and consultant for 13 years. My recent job was to train online English Teachers to be effective and efficient on their tasks. However, I want to pursue teaching again.
I am more focused on IELTS, TOEIC and Business English.
I have my own modules and personalized English lessons for each profession and professional needs for the clients. Example I have a lesson professionally constructed for I.T.s so they can improve their English levels competently.
The classes will be conducted on Skype.
Clients are required to pay 20 lessons beforehand through bank transfer or paypal. Client will also pay the extra charges.
I know my lessons are expensive compare to other classes but I am very professional and I am an expert on this field.
For more information email me at [email protected]
Thank you.

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